In 1987 Door Asia Door Designs, began manufacturing custom kitchen cabinet doors and drawer boxes with one specific goal in mind: to be a highly reliable, quality minded supplier to the woodworking industry. The cabinet industry has changed in many ways since that time and we have also changed by adding many new styles of custom cabinet doors along with other components such as dovetailed drawer boxes and wood mouldings.

Though much has changed in our industry the special attention we pay to the details has not. Quality and service is what we offer. There is no secret to our product quality... attention to detail at every stage of production ensures it!


Since the very beginning we have been sensitive about our environment. All of the drop off and wood scrap we generate is hauled to a wood chip recycling mill. Also all of the sawdust we generate is trucked to local farmers. None of our waste goes to the landfill. We feel that as users of naturally grown products we are obligated to be very sensitive about what we do with them. Specifications and pricing subject to change.


We will always do our absolute best to make sure you receive your order exactly how you want it, exactly when you want it.

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